Burt Young

Burt Young
Rol :Oyuncu
Doğum Tarihi :3.04.1940
Doğum Yeri:New York

Burt Young (d. 3 Nisan 1940), ABD'li aktör, yazar ve ressam. Akademi
Ödülüne aday gösterildiği Rocky filmi serilerinde Rocky Balboa'nın kayın
biraderi Paulie rolüyle bilinir.

1970     Carnival of Blood     Gimpy     as John Harris
1971     Born to Win     First Hood    
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight     Willie Quarequlo    
1972     Across 110th Street     Lapides    
1973     Cinderella Liberty     Master at Arms    
1974     Chinatown     Curly    
The Gambler     Carmine    
1975     Live a Little, Steal a Lot     Çavuş Bernasconi    
The Killer Elite     Mac    
1976     Harry and Walter Go to New York     Warden Durgom    
Rocky     Paulie Pennino     Nominated - Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
1977     Twilight's Last Gleaming     Augie Garvas    
The Choirboys     Scuzzi    
1978     Convoy     Bobby 'Love Machine' Pig Pen    
Uncle Joe Shannon     Joe Shannon     aynı zamanda yazar
1979     Rocky II     Paulie Pennino    
1981     Blood Beach     Çavuş Royko    
...All the Marbles     Eddie Cisco    
1982     Rocky III     Paulie Pennino    
Amityville II: The Possession     Anthony Montelli    
Lookin' to Get Out     Jerry Feldman    
1984     Over the Brooklyn Bridge     Phil    
Once Upon a Time in America     Joe    
The Pope of Greenwich Village     Bed Bug Eddie    
1985     Rocky IV     Paulie Pennino     Nominated - Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor
1986     Back to School     Lou    
1989     Going Overboard     General Noriega    
Blood Red     Andrews    
Beverly Hills Brats     Clive    
1990     Last Exit to Brooklyn     Koca Joe    
Betsy's Wedding     Georgie    
Wait Until Spring, Bandini     Rocco    
Club Fed     Warden Boyle    
Diving In     Coach Mack    
Backstreet Dreams     Luca    
Rocky V     Paulie Pennino     Nominated - Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor
1991     Bright Angel     Art    
Americano rosso        
1992     Circle of Fear     Mancini    
1993     Excessive Force     Sal DiMarco    
1995     Opposite Corners         Direct-to-video
1997     She's So Lovely     Lorenzo    
Kicked in the Head     Jack    
The Deli     JC    
Heaven Before I Die     Pollof     Direct-to-video
The Undertaker's Wedding     Alberto     Direct-to-video
1999     Mickey Blue Eyes     Vito Graziosi    
Loser Love     Sydney Delacroix    
2000     The Florentine     Joe McCollough    
Very Mean Men     Dominic Piazza    
Blue Moon     Bobby    
Table One     Frankie Chips     Direct-to-video
2002     The Adventures of Pluto Nash     Gino    
Checkout     Uncle Louie    
Kiss the Bride     Santo Sposato    
2003     Crooked Line     Mike Ameche    
2004     The Wager     Jack Stockman    
2005     Land of Plenty     Sherman    
Carlito's Way: Rise to Power     Artie Bottolota, Sr.     Direct-to-video
Shut Up and Kiss Me     Vincent Bublioni    
Transamerica     Murray    
2006     RevoLOUtion: The Transformation of Lou Benedetti     kendisi    
Nicky's Game     Leo Singer     Short film
Rocky Balboa     Paulie Pennino    
2007     Blue Lake Massacre     Pops    
Downtown: A Street Tale     Gus    
Go Go Tales     Murray    
Oliviero Rising     Santino    
The Hideout     Mueller    
Hack!     J. T. Bates     Direct-to-video
2008     Carnera: The Walking Mountain     Lou Serosi    
2009     New York, I Love You     Landlord    
2010     Kingshighway     Mario Capriolini    
2011     Win Win     Leo Poplar    
2012     Asleep at the Wheel     Judge     çekim aşamasında
2013     Tom in America     Michael     çekim aşamasında
2014     Rob the Mob         oynuyor
Tv dizileri

    The Great Niagara (1974)
    Hustling (1975)
    Baretta (1975-1976) - serie Tv
    Serpico: The Deadly Game (1976)
    Woman of the Year (1976)
    The Last Don (1997)
    Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This (1978)
    Murder Can Hurt You (1980)
    A Summer to Remember (1985)
    Roomies (1987)
    Double Deception (1993)
    Crocodile Shoes (1994)
    Walker, Texas Ranger: Lucky (1996)
    Walker, Texas Ranger: Small Blessings (1997)
    Before Women Had Wings (1997)
    Law & Order (1997)
    The Sopranos (2001)

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