Sabine Azéma

Sabine Azéma
Rol :Oyuncu
Doğum Tarihi :20.09.1949
Doğum Yeri:Paris

Fransız tiyatro ve film aktrisi ve yönetmen.


2017 Raid dingue
2017 Knock
2016 Cézanne and I
2016 Ma famille t'adore déjà
2015 Cosmos
2014 Aunt Hilda
2013 Life of Riley
2012 Vous n'avez encore rien vu
2011 The Well-Digger's Daughter
2010 Donnant Donnant
2009 Les Herbes folles
2009 Happy End
2008 Journey to the Pyrenees
2007 Let's Dance
2006 Private Fears in Public Places
2005 Le Parfum de la dame en noir
2005 To Paint or Make Love
2005 Olé!
2003 Not on the Lips
2003 The Mystery of the Yellow Room
2001 Tanguy
2000 The Officers' Ward
1999 Le schpountz
1999 Season's Beatings
1997 Same Old Song
1995 A Hundred and One Nights
1995 Happiness Is in the Field
1995 My Man
1995 Black for Remembrance
1993 Smoking/No Smoking
1989 Life and Nothing But
1989 Vanilla-Strawberry
1989 Five Days In June
1986 Mélo
1986 The Prude
1985 Zone Red
1984 A Sunday in the Country
1984 Love Unto Death
1983 Life is a Bed of Roses
1981 On n'est pas des anges... elles non plus
1977 The Lacemaker
1976 The Bottom Line
1976 Le Chasseur de chez Maxim's

Yönetmen Olarak

1997 Quand le chat sourit (TV Filmi)
1992 Bonjour Monsieur Doisneau (Belgesel Film)

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Sabine Azéma FotoğraflarıSabine Azéma FotoğraflarıSabine Azéma FotoğraflarıSabine Azéma FotoğraflarıSabine Azéma Fotoğrafları